School celebrates anniversary


FANIUFA Sacred Heart Primary School in Goroka, Eastern Highlands, celebrated its 60th anniversary last week.
Board chairman of the school Tom Bagli said the school was founded in 1957 by Catholic nun Sr Mary Paul from the Sisters of Mercy order.
“We are celebrating the school’s 60th anniversary, or diamond jubilee, and are also raising funds to renovate some of the deteriorating school buildings,” he said.
Kamel said celebrations included traditional singsings, dramas and many other activities by students.
Bagli, a former student and staff of the school, said the two-day anniversary celebrations started on Thursday and ended on Friday.
Funds raised from the celebrations will be used to maintain classrooms, staff houses and offices that are also 60 years old.
Bagli said the school was a special institution which catered for vision and hearing impaired students from the Mt Sion Blind Centre.
“Due to space limitations we have expanded the school to Nalepa village and Lopi, three kilometres away from the existing school. These schools come under one administration and board, we have no options but to extend upwards but we have no money,” he said.

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