School gets well


A NEW well has been built at the Henganofi Secondary School in Eastern Highlands to address its water shortage problem.
Principal Hunten Humave and the board members built the well after people living nearby demanded compensation for the carting of water to the school from creeks.
“During the dry spell, we cart water from nearby creeks for students and staff to use. But the people claiming to be owners of the water source demanded compensation payment,” Humave said.
He said the school relied on a water supply system feeding the Henganofi government station but it was not enough for their need.
“We cannot continue to pay for the water every day. We then decided to find our own water source,” he said.
“We engaged a water geo-hydrologist consultant Stanley Simon Egara to look for a water source within the precincts of the school. He identified a site.
“We used an excavator from Kosampi Construction for K78,000 for two months. We dug for about 12 metres to reach the water table.
“Another cut was also made to allow the nearby Kamanontina creek to flow into the well.”
He said they placed an electrical water pump at the bottom of the well to pump water up.
The new system was allowed to pump out water for over two months before the school could finally access clean fresh water from the well.

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