School holds first cultural show


EDEVU Adventist Primary School in Ward 19 of the Koiari LLG in Central held its first cultural show last Thursday.
Head teacher Willie Karara said culture was Papua New Guinea’s way of life and something exclusive to every society and must continue to be cherished and embraced.
“Western culture is competing with our local culture at an alarming rate and we must uphold and preserve our culture,” Karara said.
“For us at Edevu Primary School, we feel that teaching only lessons to students about culture is not enough.
“Our Grade 6 students were learning culture in personal development and Grade 7s were doing culture on social science and they have been doing this in the past years.
“But this year, we decided for students to put into practice what they have learned in theory so we held our first ever cultural show last Thursday.”
Karara said performances and displays by students were assessed.
“We had a one day display and the turnout and participation was great.
“It’s part of their academic assessment but next year, we are planning to host a cultural show to celebrate the Independence Day.”
Karara said the Tourism Promotion Authority or the Office of Tourism, Arts, and Culture should come up with competent programmes and initiatives to empower and promote our diverse cultures and traditions in the society.

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