School introduces painting


A UNIQUE form of painting is introduced and is being taught to students at Nalu, a Flexible Open Distance Education (FODE) centre in Aitape, West Sepik.
The art form helps to reduce stress in students after they have sat for their exams or completed major assignments and essays.
Mindfulness art involves painting a picture in a way that the mind views it, rather than what others may view it even though the sketch of the picture used is the same.
The school has recently introduced this technique to its students to manage stress and has seen great improvements.
According to the director for Nalu, Brother Thomas Rice, “mindfulness” is a form of relaxation for the students, where the students meditate and concentrate on the type of colours that they want to use to colour their picture. In doing so, it relaxes their brain and release stress.
“The mindfulness art helps to relax the brain. It puts your mind at ease,” he said.

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