School lacks adequate toilet facilities


TOILET facilities at Sevese Morea Primary School in National Capital District are not adequate for the 900 students, according to head teacher Julie Willie.
She told The National that the school has a toilet problem where two years ago it was shut down because water pressure was low and waste clogged up the whole system.
“The number of students is high and the toilets are very limited. Its less than the number of the students, we have close to 900 students,” Willie said.
“The water pressure is low and they only use the toilet and when they try to flush, the water can’t take all the rubbish out, it leaves it there because the pressure is too low.”
She said with the new redevelopment project a new ablution block for the school would be built in the school area to cater for the student population and also solve the water pressure issue.
“They are going to come up with a new toilet block. It’s going to be relocated to a new site within the school,” Willie said.
“The present location of the toilet is at a higher ground the water pressure is not that strong to get the rubbish down so we are trying to bring it down to a level where the water pressure is high.”

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