School loses properties worth K1m, says principal


BUMAYONG Secondary School in Lae was ransacked by criminals who stole properties worth almost a K1 million, the principal said.
All student academic assessment records were also taken.
Among the properties stolen were more than K10,500 cash from the school canteen and an undisclosed amount of student contributions to the Buimo inmates ministry, 15 desk top computers, two laptops with a universal serial bus (USB) drive containing student’s academic assessment reports, canteen goods, teachers’ bank cards, boarding students’ rations and school uniforms.
The incident occurred at about 3pm on Wednesday.
The thugs held up six guards, tied them and dumped them into a drain.
They then broke into the school administration building, computer laboratory, the principal and deputy principal’s offices and ransacked all valuable items.
Principal Saya Daniel said that the school lost about K1 million worth of valuable properties and all student academic assessment reports kept in the USB drive and computer.
“I appeal to nearby community leaders and parents to assist the school to identify the thugs.
“All I need is the student’s academic assessment records and I urge those outsiders involved in stealing the properties to surrender the computers and the USB drive.”
Daniel said that the incident occurred after some outsiders dressed in school uniforms and walked into the school area and started attacking a grade 9 student on Monday.

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