School marks PNG’s 41st anniversary


MANY celebrated the country’s 41st Independence anniversary in different ways and the Highlands Christian Grammar School in Mt Hagen marked it with the theme “Praise the Lord”.
Principal Richard Sommer started the day with a devotion service and quoted a scripture from Psalm 134 which stressed on David praising God for the many accomplishments that he made in life from the wilderness to King of Israel.
The message bode well with the day’s activities where children from Preschool to Grade 9 displayed dramas depicting the country’s accomplishments in the last 41 years through God’s guidance.
Parents and teachers witnessed the children act out plays that explained PNG’s achievements and progress in infrastructure development, improvement in functions of the different levels of government, spiritual development and progress, economic development and progress in education, tourism and what the future holds for PNG.
Some students dressed in traditional attire explained what the different ornaments they wore meant in their traditional customs.
Sommer said independence for PNG would not have been possible without the participation of people from other countries like Australia which it (PNG) gained independence from as well as accomplishments made by nationals and expatriates.
He said the country must ‘praise God’ because all good things that happened in this country was made possible by God.
Special acknowledgement were made in the plays for the different church groups that brought the word of God, established schools, health services and other services in PNG before and after independence.

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