School promotes music


LIKE sports, music can change lives, Eyrie Music School director Nathan Walters says.
He told students and parents at the graduation ceremony of the Port Moresby-based school last Sunday that their vision was to train young people to appreciate music.
“For those of us that play music we have seen it happen for us,” Walter said.
“We want to share our experience with those that are interested.”
He said each year they take in 40 interested students to train in playing different musical instruments, because demand for music had grown.
Walters said the school was set up as a starting point for beginners to learn the basics of music.
“The school is seen as a starting point for people interested in playing music,” he said.
“We start them off with the basics, and if they wish to pursue a career in music they can carry on from there.”
Walters said the students were given certificates and expected to do a music recital at the end of the year to show what they have learnt.
“We have a beginner class, level one and level two,” he said.
“But we only graduate them when they come up to level two and they complete the requirement we have for them.
“When students come to level two, they do what is like a final exam and then they perform in the recital and we give them certificates.
“It is like we end the year with a recital.”
Walter said the school started with string instruments, and this year they took on brass and wind instruments and violin classes.

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