School raises money to build dormitory

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A SCHOOL in Chimbu is raising funds to build a new two-storey dormitory to replace the one destroyed in a recent fire.
The board and management of Yauwe Moses Secondary School in Chimbu hope to have the new building completed before the 2017 academic year begins.
The dormitory was razed to the ground while students were watching the second State Of Origin match in July.
School principal Kaupa Gomna said it was fortunate the dormitory was empty at the time. All the students were at the school hall watching the game.
“But all their belongings and learning materials were burnt,” Gomna said.
“I have reported the matter to police in Kundiawa. But due to logistical support, police are yet to investigate.”
Fundraising committee chairman Kimane Maki said the loss of the two-storey dormitory which accommodated more than 100 students will affect education.
The school is inviting MPs, business houses, civil societies, donor agencies, former students and people in the district to support the fundraising.

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