Schools close after weekend floods


Four primary schools in Wampar, Morobe, are suspended indefinitely after being flooded last weekend.
Huon Gulf school inspector Sam Geseng said Gabensis, Zifasing, Tanam, and Mare primary schools were suspended indefinitely while waiting for flood waters to subside.
“In Tanam, the surface runoff overflowed into the school and now it is under water. They
are really affected,” Geseng
He said in Gabensis and Mare, the villages were washed away by floods which caused the villagers seeking refuge in the classrooms causing the suspension.
Geseng said most of the students at the two primary and elementary schools were mostly village children and they were greatly affected by floods.
“We will wait for the sun to dry up the place while the schools are suspended.
Gabensis community leader Ben Johnson said the primary school was suspend after villagers affected by flooding over the weekend and on Monday took refuge in the school grounds.
He said they would wait there until the water level returned to normal for them to rebuild their lives.
Geseng said eight schools, four primary and four elementary   were affected by flooding.
Meanwhile, Morobe disaster and emergency director Charlie Masange said his officers were monitoring the situation at Gabensis and would do assessments within a week to assist those villagers that were really affected.

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