Schools gear up for independence celebrations


STUDENTS and teachers from Wana Primary School in Wain-Erap, Nawaeb, Morobe, braved rain last Friday and staged a cultural show to celebrate independence anniversary a week early.
The 300 pupils, 11 teachers and 16 Balob Teachers College student teachers on block teaching as well as parents proudly showcased their traditional dances.
Head teacher John Yonna said the aim of the event was to ensure pupils appreciated their cultural identity and for them to gain confidence and leadership skills for their future.
The fete comprised traditional singsings and cultural contest for Mr and Miss Wana Primary School.
The six male and six female contestants portrayed their cultural inheritance. Sepi Tokobot, from Wasin ,won the male title and Malina Yambun, from Sokam village, won the female title.
‘The theme of the show was Commemorating PNG’s 41st anniversary by maintaining valued cultural practices.’
“Essentially, it was to value cultural practices that contribute to students’ internal assessment in personal development, arts, language and culture to embrace cultural norms,” Yonna said.
The dull weather, unfortunately prevented displays of trap setting, fire making and bilum weaving practices.
Instead, the students portrayed a Wain-Erap ancestral myth in which people fed from human flesh after warfare. The myth was used to illustrate survival of the fittest and encourage self confidence and leadership in students.
Lae based companies, Colgate-Palmolive which was the major sponsor, International Food Corporation and Paradise Foods and Beverages contributed prizes for the students.

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