Schools make peace


A RECONCILIATION between Ted Diro and Bavaroko primary schools in National Capital District was held yesterday at Bavaroko to mark the end of fighting among students.
The ceremony was witnessed by the head teachers of the two schools, their staff and members of the NCD Juvenile Justice Services Committee.
Chairman of the NCD Juvenile Justice Services Committee Gini Keven told The National that they were privileged to be part of the reconciliation as it was a step forward to addressing the issue of school fights in the city.
“This is one of the initiatives we planned, to go out to schools and talk to students about school fights and also other issues,” he said.
Gordon Secondary School headboy Emmanuel Bosike told the students during the reconciliation that they have been heroes and should see themselves as brothers who share the same interests.
“Heroes stand for honesty, excellence, respect, openness, empathy and self-management. I believe if students start to emulate these principles, they can rise up to be heroes in the real world,” he said.
Head teachers, Catherine Moresi of Bavaroko and Hane Charlie of Ted Diro, said the core reason for students to be in school was to be educated.
Charlie said education was important for them to have a better future.

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