Schools yet to get full funding


SCHOOLS in National Capital District have not received their full allocation of funding under the Government’s tuition fee free (TFF) policy and most of them are just surviving.
One of the biggest schools in NCD, Wardstrip Primary, with a roll of more than 3,000, is struggling, like others, to keep up with expenses and general operation of the school, head teacher Emily Ricky says.
Ricky said the policy for the allocation of the TFF had changed over the years and this year the schools were receiving funding in three components.
“They said they were going to pay the cash for administration. Commodity and infrastructure would be held back,” Ricky said.
“They have confused us, this term for this quarter we received only K93,000 which is just one bit of the payment. They paid us K97,000 and then K73,000 (in the first and second quarters).
“Last year, we were paid K400,000 in the first batch and now we are receiving much lesser.
“They would pay one component from the ratio that they accumulated for the number of children we had and we would receive about K400,000.
“This year, the policy has changed. They came up with cash of (30 per cent), infrastructure (30 per cent) and commodity (40 per cent).
“We are only getting 30 per cent for the cash component so that’s not enough to run the school administration and all the little expenditures like bills.
“When that cash component comes, we are expected to cover everything, maintenance, buy text books and administrations.”
School treasurer Matthew Kulimbao said in 2013 and 2014, the Government paid in two batches.
“The costs should cover all the damage, property repair and all these expenses but that’s all being excluded now,” he said.
“As the biggest primary school in NCD with an enrolment of 3100 and a large number of teachers, we are struggling to manage within our means.
“They paid 70 per cent for the first lot and 30 per cent towards the end of the year. But starting last year and this year, we don’t know what component they are paying.
“There is no indication of what they paying and what component is held back and no one is telling us anything which makes it difficult for us.”

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