Segeyaro back where he belongs


IT is the year of the rugby league World Cup and every Papua New Guinean is watching our prodigal son return.
Yes, we all made bad and negative comments about him but he has come out and confessed.
In 2015, James Segeyaro decided to play for the Australia PM’s 13 side because of his loss, which the sport body failed to assist him with. Since then he has matured enough to come back to his
rightful country and represent us by wearing the Red, Black and Gold.
He has said that he will prove us wrong for the negative criticism that he got.
The past has gone and the new has come so we all must stand behind him and support our boys and our team the Kumuls.
James, no matter what, Papua New Guinea is behind you.
Make PNG proud.
Go the Kumuls.

Peter David

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