She sells seashells she finds on the seashore


LUCU Baii sells seashells to business women who make necklaces and other products for sale.
She sells shells at the Tabari craft market in Boroko.
Baii, 31, from Baimuru in Gulf, told The National that she supplied seashells to women who then make necklaces and other products.
“Most of the women who do arts and craft marketing at Tabari Place do not reside in Port Moresby, which means whatever supplies they brought with them from their home districts do not last,” she said.
She collects seashells when she goes out fishing.
“Most of the time, I rely on the sea for an income to raise my family because where I come from in Baimuru, our income depends entirely on the sea and its resources,” Baii said.
“Shells we collect have seasons. When it is their harvest time, you’ll see a lot of them on logs and other debris along the coast and sometimes we collect them from beneath the seaweed roots.”
Baii said it required some work to prepare them before being sold.

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