Sentence hearing for Wobiro adjourned


THE National Court has adjourned to later this month the hearing for submissions on sentence for Western Governor Ati Wobiro and two others convicted of misappropriating public funds.
Justice Martin Ipang issued an order in the Waigani national court yesterday directing probation officer Peter Yambi to produce a pre-sentence report for Wobiro, Norman Carl May and Mudowa Gumoi before Sept 23.
Ipang ordered that the pre-sentence report be prepared and served on all the parties before Sept 23 for the hearing on submissions on sentence.
He made the adjournment after lawyer Ian Molloy, representing Wobiro informed the court that there was no pre-sentence report available for Wobiro, May and Gumoi.
Molloy sought an adjournment to collect the reports and prepare statements so parties can collect the necessary reports.
State Lawyer Anthony Kupmain said they had not received any reports from the probation office and asked for a two-week adjournment of the case.
Wobiro, May and Gumoi were convicted of fund misappropriation by Ipang on Aug 26.
The court found them guilty of conspiracy to defraud and misappropriate K7,060,000 of provincial support improvement programme funds.
They conspired by signing a deal to engage a charity organisation known as the Fly Care Foundation to manage funds and provide services to people.
They will appear on Sept 23 for the hearing on their sentence.

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