Serve PNG with pride, loyalty and honour


THERE have been so much talk about the police recruitment process where much of it leads to the reason of why the ongoing police brutality or misconduct of police officers, lack of reasoning and even incompetency.
The general public and even police oldtimers are blaming the recruitment process as the cause of police misconduct and incompetency.
Two writers (Ken Nandawa and Chief Sergeant Kingpim) have stated that many impersonators have obtained other people’s certificate in order to be enlisted.
These sort of people will definitely fail the test unless they have insiders who are there to give them answer sheets to study before doing the tests.
The writers suggest that grade 12 now is like grade 8 and 10 dropouts compared to the ‘70s and ‘80s.
You are right, but back then the Papua New Guinea education curriculum was easy.
The education system was sort of a spoon-feeding type.
Back then language and literature were learnt at university or college.
Today language and literature are learnt at grade 11 and 12.
What good does it do a new recruit to witness bad habits displayed by the senior cops?
New recruits are young and need supervision from senior officers.
I, as an applicant of 2016, was a victims of police brutality.
I say our attitude falls back to the reason why we all applied to join Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.
Let Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary serve Papua New Guinea with pride, loyalty and honour.

Disappointed applicant (2016)

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