Service improvement funding to continue: PM


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says funding for the service improvement programme is for the benefit of the people and will be continued.
Reacting to concerns raised on the reduced amount of K1million to be paid to the districts, he said everyone would be treated equally.
“I do not discriminate or speak negative about someone else. This money is to look after our people,” he said.
“We are now sending the money to the villages and communities. So the funding for the services improvement programme will not stop.”
Maprik MP John Simon said all MPs should be treated equally as regards SIP funding.
“I heard so many stories that the opposition (MPs) do not get any DSIP due to various reasons including cash-flow problems,” he said.
O’Neill said discretional grants were allocated to some electorates who had first-time MPs to help them deliver services.
“Some of us in the government — ministers and second-term and third-term MPs — have not received any funding yet,” O’Neill said.
“As long as there is money available, we will continue to be make it available for the service improvement programme.”

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