Some services expected to stay on Manus, says Australian report


SOME services such as the health provider International Health and Medical Services are expected to stay on Manus but it is not known how long for or who is funding them, The Guardian reports.
The PNG government has said all refugees and asylum seekers who won’t settle in PNG are Australia’s obligation. Australia has not responded with any clarification.
Australia’s Acting Prime Minister Julie Bishop said there was a “great deal of information” about the closure.
“The essential services are available at the alternative accommodation – food, water, electricity, medical support,” Bishop told ABC radio yesterday morning.
“People on Manus have had months of notice. It makes no sense for them to stay where they are.”
Bishop would not be drawn on the PNG government’s declaration that it had fulfilled its obligations and remaining detainees were Australia’s responsibility.
“This is a tough policy and we are sending a very strong message that we will not tolerate people-smuggling, trying to get people into Australia illegally.”
Greens Senator Nick McKim, who is on Manus, said the 600 refugees remaining at the decommissioned processing centre feared for their lives.
A report by Human Rights Watch detailed increasing violent attacks on refugees and asylum seekers, three of which required medical transfers to Port Moresby or Australia.
McKim said claims by Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Bishop that the alternative accommodation had been fully built, fully serviced and was waiting to house the detainees were false. – The Guardian

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