Session gives confidence to woman


VERONICA Weiang is quietly optimistic of her chances in the general elections after attending a week-long practice parliament session for women conducted by UNDP, the National Parliament and the Office of Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates.
Weiang was among 50 women selected from over more than applicants to be trained on parliamentary process, the norms of governance and political debate and policy decisions.
Weiang said attending the training provided her the opportunity to bond with many other PNG women leaders from around the country and to create a useful network of friendship.
She believes that regardless of election results, the bond created at the meeting could be fostered to stir new opportunities and progress women’s political voice in the country.
Weiang was the opposition leader during the mock session.
She highlighted shortage of critical medical supplies in the country and queried the Manus Central Processing Centre.
Weiang is expecting to contest the North Waghi Open electorate in Jiwaka.

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