Set up authority for Fairfax Harbour: Yala


AN authority needs to be setup to oversee the development of Fairfax harbour for the benefit of the Government, businesses and landowners, National Research Institute director Dr Charles Yala says.
He told The National that the proposed authority plus changes to the existing processes would benefit the landowners of Fairfax harbour.
“The National Capital District Commission should establish a Napa Napa Poreporena Local Development Plan facilitation framework,” he said.
“This body or authority which reports to the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) Physical Planning Board should have oversight over the implementation of the plan. The PNG Ports Corporation Ltd and the Department of Lands and Physical Planning should have representatives on this body.
“Second, the NCDC should facilitate an audit of customary land within the bay using the native land title commission decisions, which are in the custody of the National Land Titles Commission as the basis.
“Third, the NCDC should facilitate the registration of all the customary land within the area using the process defined by the Land Registration (Customary) (Amendment) Act 1981.
“Through this process, two titles will be created. The first is the parent title, which is not tradable but remains with the ILG permanently.
“The second is the 99-year renewable leases, created out of the parent title, consistent with the Physical Planning Act 1989, which can be leased. All land rental and upfront lease sales income goes directly to the ILG.”

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