Settlements get water


EDA Ranu has done 85 water connections to settlements and Motuan villages in the National Capital District since 2013, commercial services manager Paul Gore says.
He said from an annual total water production, about 21 per cent or 13 million cubic meters go to settlements and villages.
Gore presented these statistics during a media conference in Port Moresby last Friday.
Eda Ranu chairperson Mary Karo urged consumers, particularly those from commercial sector, to use water legally instead of tapping into mains illegally.
She said the revenue that the company earns are being used to pay and provide water and sewerage services in the city.
She called on customers with outstanding bills to pay up.
“NCDC will meet the costs of a dedicated line which had to go from Korobosea to Taurama once that is done.,” Karo said.
“Eda Ranu went in and fixed that one up, to date we are still owed K2.7 million by NCDC.
“It could be little money but with that money we can do more things.
“It is our obligation to the human
“Eda Ranu is working on the scopes, designs and costs for an area at Morata.
“We are looking at putting in prepaid meters so that the ownership of using and paying water is in their hands.”
In terms of illegal connections by the commercial sector, she suggested that an Eda Ranu technical member sits on the NCD physical planning board.
“We (Eda Ranu) would like to see that they place an Eda Ranu senior technical member on the board of the NDC physical planning, we have written to the board,” Karo said.
“There could be one at the committee level but at the committee level we don’t get firsthand information where there is a huge development going on and we need to monitor that, so we would like to be on the board so that the technical person or engineer appointed on board can come back and advise the management about the issues being discussed.”

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