Settlers must demand land titles or vote MPs out


ORDINARY Papua New Guineans settling on state land must demand and get titles before the 2017 general elections.
If you don’t get it, vote your MP out because this is the most important asset you need to safeguard your family and insure your future in a place where the Government is selling State land recklessly to political cronies, foreigners and people with lots of money.
Our ordinary people who contribute to spinning the economic wheel of the city are completely ignored.
These people work as cleaners, plumbers, carpenters, cab drivers, construction workers, church workers, teachers, police officers, nurses and other workers from both the private and public sectors who tirelessly serve the country.
The Government knows that our ordinary people cannot afford land with titles because it’s just too expensive. Yet, it is not doing enough to help them.
This is a national crime committed by the State against its people.
Most times we watch the police removing settlements built on sweat and tears by bulldozers under the watch of heavily armed policeman in the name of development.
It appears the Government has completely failed its own people and this is a time bomb that is waiting to explode.
Foreigners walk in with bags of money and get all the state land and push our citizens onto traditional land which is becoming another problem.
Political cronies are also getting huge chunks of State land and profiting from it with joint venture arrangements with business partners all in the name of development.
And in the process they are pushing many financial disadvantaged Papua New Guineans into extreme hardships and poverty.
This must stop now.
The NCD governor and MPs for Moresby North East, Moresby North West and Moresby South have completely ignored the plight of the settlers who need land titles.
Now is the time for settlers to demand and get titles to the land.
If not there is no reason to vote them back into office because they will never change.
Give a title to a family and you are giving them the economic power that will sustain them for generations.

Samson Wena
Kerowagi, Chimbu

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