Settlers warned not to resell land


PEOPLE from Rabaul district in East New Britain who have been resettled in resettlement areas in the province were warned not to sell blocks they have been allocated.
Rabaul district administrator Marakan Uvano gave the warning during an urgent law and order meeting at Clifton Resettlement Area following an increase in lawlessness in the area.
Uvano was responding to a concern raised by a mother of five, Pauline Guere, who said fellow villagers from Malaguna 1 in the Balanataman LLG who have resettled in the area, were moving into vacant blocks or selling blocks to other villagers.
Uvano told the gathering that all resettlement blocks were the property of the state and only the state would decide who settled on the blocks.
He said a survey would soon be conducted in the resettlement areas to address the increase in the sale of resettlement blocks and those found to have purchased blocks in the resettlement areas would be dealt with accordingly.
Uvano also revealed that the Government would not hesitate to remove families residing on blocks in resettlement areas who continue to create disharmony in the resettlement areas.
The urgent law and order meeting was attended by Rabaul district administration officers, Rabaul police personnel, the provincial disaster coordinator Donald Tokunai and members of the community at Clifton Resettlement area.
Issues raised during the meeting included drunk and disorderly behaviour in the community, land grabbing of state owned resettlement blocks and other unlawful acts.

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