Sexual abuse of minors irk magistrate


THE attitude of men appearing in court for sexual abuse of young victims is ‘beyond animalistic behaviour’, a senior magistrate said.
Lae Committal Court Magistrate Jeremiah Singomat, during a hearing in Lae last Friday, described the act of men involved in committing sexual abuse crimes as having ‘diseased brains’.
Singomat said there were six to 10 cases of rape in court every week and many of the victims in the cases were as young as four years old.
He said in most of the cases, the victims could be classified as infants and was “very disturbing”.
“Men who commit such crimes see the lives of others as not worth living and do not appreciate their lives on earth,” Sigomat said.
“Can you even imagine a four-legged animal abusing its infant or young?
“The attitude of these ‘mentally affected’ men committing such crimes and appearing in court is beyond the behaviour of animals.”
Singomat made the comments after refusing bail to Issac Pala, charged for sexually touching a six-year-old girl.
Singomat, before adjourning the case, explained that there was an increase of similar cases in the city and the court would not grant bail.
Pala will appear at the Lae Committal Court next Wednesday.

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