Shadow minister wants government to disclose details of housing investigation


SHADOW Housing and Urbanisation Minister Geoffrey Kama says the Government must reveal the progress and outcome of an investigation into corruptions at the National Housing Corporation.
Kama, who is also the Lands and Physical Planning Minister in the alternative government, said announcing an investigation or setting up a commission of inquiry over allegations of corruption and forgetting to get to the bottom had become a culture in the Government system.
“The practice by the Government now seems that when there is a pressing issue of corruption or widespread concern over an issue, the Government puts to rest the issue by announcing investigation into that issue or by setting up a commission of inquiry,” Kama said.
“Then, after two to three months, they either seem to forget or deliberately ignore what they have said to do.
“For instance, the commission of inquiry into the shooting of university students and the students’ protest last year as announced by the Government is still pending.
“The public, the parents and students and even the university management seem to have no idea on the progress of this COI or investigation,” Kama said.
He said such practice of deliberate ignorance by the Government and those in authority had become common practice in the Government system and that needed to be seriously addressed.
“The eviction of long-term residents of the National Housing Corporation within and outside National Capital District has been ongoing in the last decades,” Kama said.
“Some families without financial support and resources were evicted and we have seen them ending up at news organisations with the hope that the press coverage will stop their eviction and enable a peaceful resolution.
“These have many times not worked and whether the property is acquired illegally or legally were something of serious concern.”
Kama said a recent eviction in Goroka caused a debate in Parliament when former Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa raised the matter.

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