Shame on you Dadae, where is your legacy?


THIS is in response to an article titled MP Dadae puts up hand to be contender for GG’s post published in The National, Oct 7.
Of late, the MP for Kabwum has been going around with other Morobean MPs like Siniwin and Basil launching projects and attending ceremonies in the latter gentlemen’s districts and seems to have forgotten all about his people in Kabwum.
In fact, he has forgotten all about the people who gave him the mandate to represent them throughout his 15 years as their political representative in  parliament.
Now this person has decided to run for the GG’s post.
Where did that come from?
One obvious reason is that the MP knows very well that his time is running out and his own people will never repeat the same mistake they did in the last three elections.
The MP is still trying to remain in the so-called “big-man circle”. Remember, you can run but you can’t hide. One day the truth will be revealed and exposed for all to see.
If you intend to contest the GG’s post, my question to you is “what is the most significant and impact project you instituted in your political career as Kabwum MP?”
Or simply put, a legacy left behind where the people of Kabwum will forever be grateful and remember you? None. If the Kabwum MP is man enough, why don’t you reveal your intention for the GG’s post in front of your own people?
In that same news, Sam Basil described Dadae as a veteran Morobe politician who has credible reputation and credentials for the GG’s post. Seriously, Sam Basil, you did not mean that.
The term veteran may be defined and accepted differently. As far as the people of Kabwum are concerned, there is no solid footprint on the ground in comparison with the veteran’s terms in parliament.
That alone questions the veteran’s credibility.
Basil, do not associate nor entertain puppet politicians who do not raise their voices in parliament and constructively debate issues of national importance. The MP you are vouching for has been silent for 15 years. That is a long sleep in any mankind’s political history.
Dadae, please forget the GG’s post, man-up and face the music come next year’s  elections.
The stage has been set and the people of Kabwum are looking forward to an open-air live music concert.

Sideline analyst

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