Shame MP let down by party


IT was reported in both daily newspapers last week that Finschafen district only received K4 million DSIP funding for 2016 calendar year.
Thank you, honourable Theo Zurenuoc for admitting the truth.
I read with astonishment because I expected my district to be treated with dignity and respect for holding the highest office in the land, as
the Speaker of the National Parliament and restoring the chair’s integrity.
I am greatly troubled and saddened because my local MP trusted PNC Party and its leadership when he moved from PPP.
That was confidence and belief that we would have scored well resulting in the release of all the earmarked funding support to develop our district but it’s not to be as we were only given K4 million out of the K10 million for 2016.
Now the accounts are closed for 2016 financial year so how do we develop our people?
Where is the reward for our loyalty?
It will be very interesting if we compared the funding released to our district compared with other districts in other provinces.

Fabian Lufu Mala
Finschafen, Morobe

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