Shame PNG missed out on hosting soccer


I am very disappointed to learn from the media that PNG will miss out on hosting Oceania’s premier club football championships, the OFC Champions League tournament.
I believe many supporters and players in PNG will not be happy with this turn of events. The question I’d like to ask is who’s fault was it?
We know that the head of OFC is also the head of the sport in PNG. Were the clubs, their local associations and the PNGFA made aware of such an arrangement at the earliest possible date for them to make their bids?
Those of us who are diehard followers of football, have been looking forward to this event to support our two teams and also see top players from the region play on our home ground and this news has come as a big shock to us.
We, the supporters, and our (PNG) representative clubs will definitely miss out on supporting our teams here as well as benefits that come with hosting such an event.
All this time we thought it will be a home-and-away series for all the qualified teams.
Unfortunately, it is the other host teams which will have more advantage over the visiting teams so where is the popular “fair play” that FIFA and OFC have been preaching and making awareness about?
I’d say this isn’t fair. Maybe someone purposely meant not to make it known to our champion clubs to put in their bids, so we missed out.
Can somebody in the know come out publicly and tell us what really happened in the bidding process or the information about it not coming to the clubs, supporters and PNGFA.
Maybe petty football politics in this country by the powers that be has once again resulted in PNG missing out again. We, the supporters are not happy about this.

Seko Sisiwan,
Port Moresby

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