Shameful act of Goroka MP and EHP governor


I WRITE to express dismal over a report in The National on page 17 dated June 14 relating to K22m in trust for infrastructure development for Goroka market.
Look at the outcome of your irresolute decision over development of Goroka market.
Whose interest is Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa and Lady Governor Julie Soso serving?
The very people who trusted you for developments and service delivery and hence elected you to deliver and develop are suffering the daunting consequences of your blunt decision.
Nor those it sounds hearing of this market in your electorate and in your province being earned the reputation of a “pig sty” because pigs roam freely there in Goroka market.
This really portrait deception of shame on leaders of Goroka MP and EHP Governor. Whoever will be Goroka MP and EHP Governor after election, please be considerate in decision making  and work together thus putting your people’s interest first for the benefit of your people and deliver with heart to serve silent majority of our people as servant.

Hata ‘avile

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