Shape up or ship out, workers told


NAWAEB MP Kennedy Wenge has warned public servants serving in the district to deliver services effectively or be moved out.
Wenge, during his swearin in as the chairman of the District Development Authority on Tuesday at Boana station, he said poor performance in the past resulted in people being deprived of basic services.
He said district assets, funds and time had been exhausted but there were no tangible outputs and benefits felt by the people.
“Public servants were understood to have misused funds for personal gain and failed to did deliver services where needed effectively,” he said.
“We will with the new DDA members sworn in make sure that every public servant is monitored to see that they are really doing what is required of them in the district.”
Meanwhile, Nawaeb women’s council rep Aluwi Michael said there had been no positive impacts on communities in the past five years.
“Money has been allocated for the delivery of basic services. But where has the money gone to?,” Michael said.
“As a mother, we felt the pain while some public servants and their affiliates misuse funds and district assets.”

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