‘Ship minerals from Madang’


USINO-Bundi MP Jimmy Uguro, pictured, has asked the management of the Ramu nickel and cobalt mine in his electorate to ship chromites out of Madang and not Lae.
Uguro made the request during a presentation on the operation of the mine as part of an orientation programme for the first visit of new Chinese Ambassador Xue Bing.
Mine operator, Ramu NiCo Management, revealed that it produced 160,000 tonnes of chromites every year, 32,000 tonnes of nickel and 3200 tonnes of cobalt.
Uguro said he understood the chromites were transported to the Lae port for shipment to China but suggested that it would be economically better for Madang and Usino-Bundi when the chromites were shipped out of Madang port.
He said because of the poor condition of the Madang-Usino highway the shipments were going out through Lae.
Uguro said the Usino-Yal road would be the best alternative route the company could use to ship the chromites out of Madang port once the new highway was fully developed.
Meanwhile, Uguro also called on the Mining Minister Johnson Tuke to give the people of Usino-Bundi the progress report of the Marengo mine.
He said the Marengo mine was seen by people in the district as a major project that would boost the local economy and provide a lot of employment benefits.
“We want to know when the mine will start its operation, what issues need to be addressed first and how we are going to participate.”
Madang provincial government mines director John Bivi said the Marengo gold mine in Madang, Wafi gold mine in Morobe and Frieda gold and copper mine in the East and West Sepik border were the three mines in Momase region the Government wanted to begin work on soon.

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