Shipping firms told to report accidents


By Alphonse Porau
THE National Maritime Safety Authority has urged shipping firms to present immediate reports on shipping incidents in PNG waters.
NMSA maritime standards and compliance manager Joseph Pyawan made this statement after logging company, EMO Holdings PNG Limited, failed to submit a report on their tug boat and dump barge running aground at Aitape in West Sepik.
“Any shipping incident must be reported to the NMSA immediately,” he said.
“It is a requirement under the law and failure to report is an offence under the Merchants Shipping Act of 1975.”
Pyawan said the logging firm also failed to submit a report NMSA requested while the two boats were still docked at Aitape.
He said a report on the tug boat was submitted after three months but was accepted and they were still waiting for the other report.
“We call on the company to submit that report quickly before the NMSA conducts an investigation,” Pyawan said
He said they wanted shipping firms or their representatives to submit reports as soon as a vessel runs aground anywhere for immediate investigations.
He said such incidents unattended to could cause harm to the marine environment and failure to report amounted to criminal negligence, which was a serious offence.
Pyawan said though foreign firms operating in the country were investing in the economy, they were bound to comply with and respect the laws of the country as corporate citizens.

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