Shipping links to improve economy


REGULAR shipping links region in the New Guinea Islands will improve the local economy, according to Manus provincial administrator Andrew Posong.
Posong told The National that plans were underway to establish regular shipping routes as had been done in other coastal regions.
“The issue of connectivity in the region was initiated by the Department of Transport and is part of their programme for establishing links which has been based mostly on the mainland,” he said.
“They have done this through PPP (public private partnerships) arrangements where they have established in Morobe to as far as Wewak and back again.
“What we want is for the shipping services to go around this provinces and to Manus on a regular basis. There is an established shipping route from Morobe to East and West New Britain. I am not too sure about Buka but we at Manus, and I think New Ireland, are left out from this regular shipping routes.
“What the department is now trying to do is to increase transport connectivity in the region so that the shipping routes go around the provinces in a more orderly and regular basis.
“The Department of Transport may initiate it at first and over time the costs for maintaining this regular shipping routes in the region will be taken on by the respective provinces.
“The economic benefits are great especially for the local economy because with Manus, we have outlying islands that takes more than a day to get to at times.”

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