Shooting of doctor slammed, police action sought


THE National Doctors Association has condemned the shooting of a senior doctor at the Paradise Clinic, in Port Moresby and has called for immediate action by law enforcement agencies.
Association secretary Dr Sam Yockopua said attacks on doctors should be taken seriously and the perpetrators must be dealt with severely.
Yockopua said Dr Gideon Kendino was attacked by criminals at the Paradise Clinic on Tuesday afternoon.
“These criminals were trying to steal his car and shot him in the process,” he said.
“He nearly lost his life when these lunatic fired shots at him.
“He sustained really nasty gunshot injuries to his leg that will hospitalise him for up to six weeks.”
Yockopua said the shooting follows an attack two weeks ago when a doctor was allegedly assaulted by police officers.
“Criminals and the public alike need to know that, time and time, again and again, we, the doctors, have been telling them that the number of doctors we have in the country is very small,” he said.
“Whether in public or private, whether in administration or clinical, whether in academia, research or training, our numbers are small but we carry the burden of eight million Papua New Guineans.
“The doctor: patient ratio is now at 1:17,000, so effectively, 17,000 patients miss out on his services.”
Yockopua said therefore, the association strongly condemned the attack and called for police action.

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