Show provides dinghy experience


HIGHLANDERS, who had never travelled on a dinghy before, were given the thrills of experiencing dinghy travel at the Morobe Show.
Six dinghy operators brought their dinghies to the show in Lae last weekend, and used a nearby lake, known to residents as Raun Wara, to ferry people around.
Excited show-goers, predominantly from the Highlands region, could not resist a ride.
They paid K1 for the spin.
Passengers were seen clinging tightly to the sides of the dinghies and screaming in excitement or fear, or both.
Jonah Yalung, 32, from Bukawa in the Nawaeb district of Morobe, a skipper, said he had made good money.
“People are rushing to my dinghy,” Yalung said.
“They are paying K1 for a trip.
“We have made good money.
“We have been doing this for the last three years.”

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