SHP needs its life back


It bothers me to see the fight for leadership in Southern Highlands Province.
I am a born-and-raised South Kutubu and I cannot hold back what I see and experience in the kind of leadership style we see in SHP.
Bearing in mind that SHP has faced a hard 2017 general election, I am bewildered that there is currently no sign of peace, order and normalcy in the once peaceful town of Mendi.
Look at Mendi today and you will realise that almost 90 per cent of the government departments and agencies and another 90 per cent of private businesses are closed because of safety concerns.
The town is full of people who are aimlessly looting businesses, ransacking office buildings and premises and causing spontaneous panic and the collapse of the provincial economy.
All that these zombies are doing is to safeguard the interest of the political leaders of the province and not the interest of the bulk of the population who deserve the need to access basic goods and services like transport, banking, health, education and law and order.
Mind you, if our leaders are smart and have god-given wisdom, they would own up and fix the law-and-order situation in the province and bring peace and normalcy to the lives of the people they seek to represent.
Doing well in maintaining peace and normalcy in the lives of the people and then entering politics with a strong sense of trust and responsibility will give one a winning leverage in terms of one’s leadership attributes and reputation.
I admire how the sister province of Hela delivered a truly democratic election which SHP should embrace.
The general election is not about what we do today but it is about the next generation.
Everyone has to own up and start to set the examples for the younger generation.
Then everyone will be delivering the election that everyone wishes for.
I would like to see our provincial leaders like William Powi, Prime Minister Peter O’Neil, Deputy Prime Minister Charles Abel, Jeffrey Pesap Komal, and others to come to Mendi and solve the situation once and for all.
SHP desperately needs peace, order and normalcy to ensure that our people’s lives are improved.
Our leaders need to stand united and rebuild the pride of SHP.

Mike Haro
Via email

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