SHP people frustrated over delay in counting


Southern Highlands people going into Western Highlands for the counting of their provincial seat are frustrated by the prolonged delay in the counting.
Counting officials, scrutinisers, candidates, and their supporters accompanying the ballot boxes into Hagen last Saturday said that they could not wait any longer.
Three regional candidates Joe Kobol, Pastor Bernard Kaku, and Jerry Kiwai, in a press conference on Monday, said that they did not want to stay in Western Highlands any longer.
Ps Kaku said the shifting of counting venue to Mt Hagen was giving them extra burden to look after their scrutineers in terms of accommodation and food. He said that if the electoral commission did not want to start the counting quickly in Mt Hagen, then it better take the counting  back to Mendi and provide security. Ps Kaku said that because of the delay in counting, they did not have a leader taking part in the election of the speaker and prime minister.

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