SHP transfers counting to Mt Hagen


Southern Highlands election manager David Wakias says 131 ballot boxes containing the primary votes of the 25 candidates contesting the regional seat were transported into Mt Hagen last Saturday to go through the elimination process.
Wakias said that quality checks were done in Mendi and they only needed to go through the elimination process and declare the winner.
He said that he was yet to find a counting venue in Hagen.
Wakias also refuted incumbent Governor William Powi’s claimed in the media yesterday that 84 ballot boxes meant for counting were still locked up in Mendi.
“There are no 84 ballot boxes still locked up in Mendi, only 18 tempered ballot boxes – four from Kagua/Erave, four from Mendi, and 10 from Nipa/Kutubu – are locked away from counting,” he said.
Wakias said that these ballot boxes were spoiled and would not be counted.
He said it would take a few days to complete the counting and declare the winner.

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