Sides increase court firepower


NATIONAL Capital District Volleyball Association will continue with their third weekend of pre-season games this weekend at Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Centre.
Jamas will face Ela Motors in the men’s main game of the weekend. Both teams have recruited well during the off-season.
Jamas have secured Taikone’s big fish Memehere Jr, who has added height and power at the net. They have been losing close matches in the past as they failed to deliver the knockout punch and the inclusion of Memehere should add an extra bullet to their firepower.
Ela Motors have recruited Charlie Iruhu, who will feature in the middle blocks and counter-attack phase in transition, and Andrew Sinari — a solid jump server and reliable passer, who should stretch Jamas’ receivers on Saturday.
The duo have added needed class to the motor dealers and as a result the team is looking much better early in the season.
Both sides are evenly-matched and the end result is expected to be decided by better ball control and setting.

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