Silent observer has eye on politics


I AM one of the silent observers in the affairs of our country, watching how the government performed in its previous term and how it is doing now heading into the next five years.
I am watching from a distance how events are unfolding and they do not look right in the eyes of the silent majority who are at the mercy of the Government.
I know that the Opposition had the number to change this government on the floor of Parliament after 18 months.
I was very surprised and very disturbed by the move of Pangu Pati to cross the floor, knowing their efforts in the last Parliament to overthrow Peter O’Neill’s Government.
Pangu leader Sam Basil, who led his party into the Government benches, has lost the trust of Papua New Guineans.
The reasons Basil has given for Pangu’s move are cheap and don’t really spell out his motives.

Steven Sengi

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