SIM registration in West New Britain successful


MANY Digicel users in the rural areas of West New Britain have registered their SIM cards, according to Digicel.
Although some users were hesitant to register due to religious beliefs, they agreed to be registered after being informed that the SIM card registration was a requirement by the National Information and Communication Technology Authority (Nicta).
Digicel said in a statement that this was to avoid people from getting scams in the future and to help operators replace lost SIM cards.
Operators, who do not register all users before the due date of January 1, 2018, will face a fine of K50,000 for each unregistered customer, said Nicta.
So far, Digicel has been sending out freelancers to register users but would still need the help of rural people to speed up the SIM card registration.
According to Digicel flex recharge officer Jeffery Bula, volunteers were needed because the SIM card registration application ran on 3G network and the villages visited had bad coverage causing an inconvenience for the freelancers.

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