Simbu administration must step in, clarify payment to landowners


I AM appealing to the Simbu administration to do a thorough investigation into the land mobilisation payment made to the landowners of first Highlands Teachers In-Service College will be built on.
It brought a lot of suspicions to our minds therefore we want the Simbu administration to clear some of the confusions.
We really appreciate the change which will be taken place in our community and have no problem with it however we want some explanation from the provincial administration to clarify some of the doubts.
Firstly, who is funding this project?
That has to be clarified to the people who own the land at Womai village in Tabare LLG of Sinasina Yongumugl district.
Secondly, the mobilisation payment made earlier on should be thoroughly investigated and made clear to the public.
How much did the officers pay the landowners and what sort of the method or format was used?
Thirdly, there should be an integrated landowners groupĀ  registered with Investment Promotion Authority to take charge of any land issues might arise as the project was about to be constructed.
Currently, there is no LLG been put in place or form to take charge of landowner issues.
Fourthly, there supposed to be proper awareness carried out by the department concerned with the Department of Lands and Physical Planning before that portion of the land can be given to the State by the Landowners of that area.
There will still be legal implications in the future if proper procedures are not followed by this agency of the Government.
Our land is our future and everything therefore we want the Simbu administration to come clear with all its explanation before the final payment can be done.

Kar Kondo Blood

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