Sinebare: Parents shape child’s character


IT is parents’ responsibility to shape the basic moral character of a person, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Goroka Professor Musawe Sinebare says.
“A great deal of challenges and responsibilities rest on parents about the  kind of role model we are, the kind of influence we are exerting on our off-springs and what a nation will be like in future is determined by what is in the homes,” he said.
Sinebare said this during the Goroka Secondary School grade 12 graduation last Friday.
“If many of our homes are full of selfishness, rogues, thugs, liars, drunks, drug addicts, thieves, promiscuous people, cursing, violence, rude, ill-mannered – that is exactly what a nation is going to have or that is what is what we already have,” he said.
Sinebare said parents may have been contributing to the moral character crisis in PNG in various sizes and shapes.
He challenged the graduating students to learn from this character crisis to build a future.
“If our homes prepare children with moral character, then we can have a generation of citizens with moral  values and character from the homes to corporate board rooms, from classrooms to stadiums, from villages to Parliament and from playgrounds to podiums.
“A nation is really the coming together and blending of individual characters to build it or destroy it.”

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