Singirok barracks to host North Waghi polling


ELECTORAL Commissioner Patilias Gamato says voting for North Wahgi in Jiwaka will take place at Singirok Barracks.
He said this yesterday after a last-ditch attempt by Jiwaka provincial administrator and provincial election steering committee chairman Michael Wandil to allow two warring tribes to vote in their own areas.
Wandil said the Kingkup and Koraikup tribes in North Wahgi were currently at conflict, with several lives lost and properties destroyed, so having them vote together at one place could be risky.
Gamato, however, said polling schedules had been gazetted and would not be changed.
“I think that can be managed by police and security forces,” he said.
“Warring tribes have their own issues (and) these should not interfere with election. Election is a public process and people should respect the electoral process.
“We’ve made a decision and it is that polling will take place at Singirok Barracks.
“It’s been gazetted.”

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