Sinivit LLG awaits road upgrading


THE people of the Sinivit Local Level Government in Pomio, East New Britain are still waiting for their road to be upgraded.
Pomio MP Elias Kapavore said the road running through the wards in the Sinivit LLG was included in the road improvement programme under an agreement between the Sinivit gold mine, Mineral Resources Authority and landowners.
Kapavore said K5 million was committed for the road under the programme.
However, he said the road had never received an upgrade.
“Pomio district administration cannot fund the road because the road was captured in a programme under the benefit agreement between stakeholders,” he said.
“The K5 million was committed to upgrade the road.
“We do not know where the K5 million is. Stakeholders in the benefit agreement must tell the people of Sinivit where the fund is and why there is a long delay.
“Stakeholders must also ensure the fund is used for its intended purpose.”
Kapavore said he would be following up on the fund with Minister for Mining Byron Chan and find out where this particular funding is.

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