Sir John calls on Catholics to unite


CARDINAL Sir John Ribat has challenged Catholics to unite in the word of God.
“By the word of God, all of us have to unite to build His church on earth,” he said.
Sir John told church members during the jubilee celebrations (50th year) of the Catholic Archdiocese of Port Moresby yesterday to “show gratitude to those missionaries 50 years ago”.
Sir John urged members of parishes in the diocese of Port Moresby to see the jubilee celebration as the season of awareness that showed the growth of the Catholic faith in the city.
Catholics from Port Moresby and outside gathered at the Jack Pidik Park for the celebration.
Sir John presented Jubilee awards to 28 people from different parishes in appreciation of their faithful commitment in doing God’s work.
The mass was also celebrated to welcome him after returning from Rome where he was appointed a cardinal.

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