Sir Julius and New Ireland


AS the saying goes, a day is a long time in politics. Anything can happen in that time; history made, history re-written.
Your front page photo (The National, July 27) shows Sir Julius Chan teaming up with Peter O’Neill, William Duma and Powes Parkop less than 24 hours after Sir Julius had said that the People’s Progress Party executive had yet to meet to decide on their options in the formation of the next government. His sudden move then was puzzling.
However, given his passion and dedication for the people of New Ireland and the region’s development and prosperity, we respect his call.
It is possible that PPP’s move is only strategic, even sacrificial, to provide options for a prime minister or to help boost the image and provide expertise and experience.
Whatever Sir J is up to, we can only hope that the interest of New Ireland will always remain paramount.


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