Sir Julius’s coalition choices


ON your front page (The National July 27) there is a photo of four leaders who have aligned themselves to form the next government.
What inspired me to write are the comments by Sir Julius Chan made on page 3 where he says his People’s Progress Party will align with parties that share common policies and philosophies, and that such a government will help get Papua New Guinea back on course. I’m surprised that Sir JC can align himself with parties that are responsible for getting Papua New Guinea to where it is today.
The economic issues facing the country to a large extent reflects the political leadership of the very parties which he is aligning himself with.
Sir JC should align, not so much PPP, but the people of New Ireland with young, honest, vibrant and transparent leaders who have the experience to achieve what he is dreaming of.
Otherwise, with the same brand of leaders, he will fail People’s Progress Party and the people of New Ireland.

Eliuda Hosea

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