Sir Leo celebrates Independence in Pomio


ACTING Prime Minister Sir Leo Dion celebrated the country’s 41st Independence anniversary on Friday with the people of Arabam ward in the Pomio district.
He said this was because the people in Arabam were the first to invite him to celebrate with them.
“They sent an invitation letter several months ago,” Dion said.
“There is no discrimination, there is no other reason for not celebrating with other people in the province.”
Sir Leo was officially invited by the Arabam Primary School to celebrate the Independence Anniversary with them and open a new double classroom funded by the Australian government.
Sir Leo, when addressing the people, said the occasion had made it possible for him to visit the area for the first time.
“I thank the Lord for bringing me here. This trip has made it possible for me to see facilities in the area and see where I can assist,” he said.
He told the communities in the Arabam ward that although the country had achieved independence 41 years ago, they have been strong enough to maintain and practice their culture.
“Our culture has more than 800 languages and more than a thousand tribes. It is therefore important that we embrace our culture because it is our strength. This means that we must always remain in unity,” he said.
Sir Leo also paid tribute to outstanding leaders in the province who had contributed to development.
He told the people that this year’s anniversary should be a time of reflection.
“It is time to look back, and learn from our experiences,” he said.
Sir Leo said he was proud of the people in Arabam and surrounding areas for participating in development.
He said people should change their midset during this independence celebration to embrace the developments and changes that were taking place in the country osince we got independence 41 years ago.
“Changing attitudes to embracing the developments and getting toimprove your lifestyle and livelihood is paramount message

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